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Welcome to The Ukulizer

This is the place for ukulele songs with chords. You will find both Swedish and English ukulele music. But the page is more than a song archive. The purpose of the Ukulizer is to offer you the oportunity to work with songs in many different ways:

  • You choose if you want to see chords as icons or as textual representations.
  • You choose if you want to se chord icons for C, D or G-tuning.
  • You choose if you want to hide the chords and only display the song text.
  • The Ukulizern can help you to change the pitch of a song. This is a useful feature for anyone that wants to play guitar music or music for other instruments that have a lower or higher base key.

You can contribute and help improving the Ukulizer! You are welcome to upload your own songs. Please note that all new songs end up in the"Unfinished Songs" menu. The songs that are best suited for ukulele are then moved to the cathegory "Swedish Ukemusic" or "English Ukemusic". The promotion of a song is entirely up to the whim of the secret moderators and is always disputable :-)


Chord Tables
Images of all the chords of the Ukulizer. Both for C-tuned and D-tuned ukes.

Post your questions, error reports or whatever on this page.

A selection of nice places connected to ukuleleia in one way or the other.

How to tune your ukulele.